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Wild Dough

Wild Dough - Cutter & Stamp Set

Wild Dough - Cutter & Stamp Set

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Choose between:
Ocean Animal Stamp & Cutter Set - This set includes 8 ocean animal themed stampers and 8 matching cutters.
Bee Stamp & Cutter Set - This set includes 8 honey bee stamps and 8 matching cutters.
Dinosaur Stamp & Cutter Set - This set includes 6 large dinosaur themed stampers and 6 matching cutters.
Designed for kids - Why we love them!

There really is loads to love about the Wild Dough Stamper & Cutter Sets. Here are the best bits:

- Easy to use handles, designed for little hands
- Each stamper has a matching cutter
- Use with playdough, cooking dough, clay, kinetic sand, sandwiches and more
- BPA free, sturdy food grade plastic
- Easy cleaning & dishwasher safe
- Detailed designs to spark creativity

Designed specifically for little hands!

The Wild Dough Stamper & Cutters sets are more fun for everyone! You can stamp it. You can cut it. It's 2 in 1 fun that lets kids follow their interests and lead their own play!

Designed specifically for little hands, this stamper and cutter set is a game changer for dough-play.

Also a perfect partner for non-dough play, like cooking, clay and paint!

How do I wash the stampers and cutters?

They are dishwasher safe, so you can easily pop them in there. Otherwise there is no issue to hand-wash them in the sink with hot water and soap.

Can I use them to make cookies?

These stamper and cutter sets are the perfect tool to make cookies with your kids. They are BPA free and made of food-grade plastics so you know that there will be no issues using them in the kitchen, or toy room.

Are they suitable for young children?

The cutters can be used to press and make shapes at any age, but the younger the child the more they prefer to stamp. Each of the stampers have an easy to use handle on the back, the perfect size for little hands to grab, and stamp until their hearts content.

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