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Wild Dough

Wild Dough - Brights Playdough

Wild Dough - Brights Playdough

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Playdough that kids play with longer.

Wild Dough is a multi award-winning playdough that kids play with longer. Its' cloud-like texture and sensory explosion promises love at first touch. It's scented, super soft and long lasting. Plus rehydratable easily with water to bring it back to its original softness anytime! Proudly made in Australia from no-nasty kid-safe ingredients. 

There really is loads to love about Wild Dough. Here are the best bits:
- Smells Amazing 
- Non-toxic kidsafe ingredients
- Perfectly soft for little hands
- Lasts easily for 6 months
- Rehydratable with water
- Developed by a mum for her own kids
- 100% Australian Made & Owned
- Eco friendly PET plastic jars - durable and lightweight

How do I care for my dough, and rehydrate it if i leave it out?

General Dough Care

Play with it often and always put back in sealed jar/pouch after play. Clean hands before use and keep away from food.

Store in a cool dark place.

If left in direct sunlight for long periods the colours could change, usually it just needs a good knead to restore a consistent colour through it.

How to Rehydrate

If dough is left out and dries or is less soft, give it a good knead with your hands whilst adding 1 drop of water at a time.

Continue process until it's back to your ideal softness and stretch! 

Is it safe to eat? And what if my kids have allergies?


Age recommendation 3+yrs.

Wild Dough is a toy and not recommended for consumption. Parent supervision required.

Allergen Information

Contains gluten.


All of our ingredients are 100% non-toxic and kid-safe. Whilst they are safe to consume we do not recommend it.

Wheat flour, corn/maize flour, salt, cream of tartar, canola oil, food colouring, food essence.

What are the benefits of playdough for kids?

There's a reason that playdough is a core part of early childhood education, the benefits include:

- Fine motor skills

- Hand strengthening

- Imaginative & creative play

- Therapeutic

- Communication skills, vocabulary, literacy and numeracy

- Sensory stimulation

Ultimately, it's a wonderful non-screen way to make learning fun!

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