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Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys - Squigz 2.0 (36pc)

Fat Brain Toys - Squigz 2.0 (36pc)

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Just like the original Squigz but now, it's not just the limbs that connect - Their newly designed centres connect too! Plus, wild curves add a clear new twist of character creativity.

Includes 36 pieces - 5 green Blips, 4 yellow Veeps, 2 small pink Mimzys, 2 orange Forberts, 3 light green Chazes, 3 blue Tripzops, 3 red Deans, 5 long pink Glipitys, 5 light blue Mips, 4 purple Bubzles

- A lively toy innovation - new Suction Construction!
- Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation
- Provides relaxation and sensory stimulation
- Pieces connect easily and POP! apart
- Gratifying fun for bathtub, walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, desktops
- Flexible, pleasantly pliable
- Generously-sized components
- High quality silicone rubber
- Leaves no residue or marks on surfaces
- Enjoyment for a wide range of ages
- Made of 100% silicone (BPA-free, latex-free)

Ages: 3+

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