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Sanktury - Body Polish (various scents)

Sanktury - Body Polish (various scents)

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Open your doors to the soften skin imaginable.

These body polishes get the job done, in one shower removing dead skin and making you smell amazing in the process. Handmade from all natural ingredients - these sachets of goodness make the perfect gift add-on or treat-yo-self moment.

Available in 3 delicious scents:

Tahiti: Find your slice of heaven and retreat in our handcrafted blend of creamy coconuts, zesty lemon, lime and fresh lemongrass. Super luxurious, exfoliating and moisturising body polish.

Espresso: But first, Coffee! Reach for this invigorating Body Polish to scrub away the daily grind. Made using coffee grinds to buff away dead skin, we've mixed it with vanilla to make it even more indulgent!

Blush: Reveal your softer side with this feminine blend of rose petals, lavender and sandalwood in a delectable and nourishing body scrub. Perfect for those who love natural scents, and pink!

Each bag is large enough for multiple uses - a little goes a long way!

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