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Ethicool Books

Ethicool Books - Simon and the Sad Salad

Ethicool Books - Simon and the Sad Salad

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Join Simon and his class as they celebrate at their annual class party. Everyone brings something delicious and extravagant to the party, but not Simon. His classmate heads off on a noble journey to discover why and what she finds changes how she behaves, once and for all. 

Simon and the Sad Salad is a touching story about bullying, disadvantage and what we can all do to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This evocative and moving book encourages empathy, understanding, sharing and above all, caring in all those who read it. Simon and the Sad Salad serves as a beautiful reminder that we never know someone’s situation and highlights the challenges that some children face at school. An essential kids’ book in a world where inequality is everywhere we look.

Written by Teigan Margetts and illustrated by Alvin Mulyono


Themes: Bullying, Disadvantage, Poverty, Friendship

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